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EOTC Form Parental Consent & Risk Disclosure

During the year all international students will have the opportunity to take part in school trips outside of the classroom. The various activites planned throughout the year as well as activity programs for senior students not sitting NCEA exams are organised by the college.
Please click HERE to see an example of the end of year program.

Please provide us with information that is accurate and complete.

Education Outside the Classroom

This form gives permission for the student to go on all school trips that occur during his/her period of study at Whangaparaoa College.

It is important that this Parental consent and risk disclosure is completed by student participants in EOTC activities to comply with College health and safety requirements. The purpose of the form is to enable the school to meet the specific needs of students and the educational value and safety of events is maximized.

Parental consent
I agree to my child taking part in the EOTC experience. I agree to his/her participation in all activities. I acknowledge the need for him/her to behave responsibly.

Acknowledgment of risk

I understand that there are risks associated with involvement in school EOTC experiences and that these risks cannot be completely eliminated. I understand that the College will identify any foreseeable risks or hazards and implement correct management procedures to eliminate, isolate, or minimise those hazards.
I know that I am able to ask any questions of the College about the activities my child will be involved in, to gain a better understanding of the risks involved. I recognise that participation in such activities is voluntary and not mandatory. My child and I both understand that he/she
may withdraw from the activity if he/she feels at risk. This must be done in consultation with the person in charge.
I understand that the school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

Health Information

I agree that if prescribed medication needs to be administered, a designated adult will be assigned to do this. I will ensure that prescribed medication is clearly labeled, securely fastened and handed to a designated adult with instruction on its administration.
I will inform the College as soon as possible of any changes in the medical or other circumstances. Any medical costs not covered by ACC or insurance will be paid by me.
I agree to my child receiving any emergency medical, dental or surgical treatment, including anesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.
If my child is involved in a serious disciplinary problem, including the use of illegal substances and/or alcohol, or actions that threaten the safety of themselves or others, she/he will be sent home at my expense.

Swimming Ability
Hazardous Activities

I authorise my son/daughter to participate in activities during his/her time at Whangaparaoa College.

In the event of injury or death of my child as a consequence of the practice of any hazardous activity, I understand that:
1. Such event might not be covered by my child’s insurance policy
2. I hereby accept all responsibilities, including financial ones, which may be related to
such an event.

I authorise my son/daughter to participate in activities during his/her time at
Whangaparaoa College.
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