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Parental Consent Form for Year 8 Science MOTAT Field Trip 2019

Dear Parent or Legal Guardian,
Please complete the form below to consent that your child is eligible to participate in the Year 8 Science Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) field trip organized by the Whangaparaoa College Science department. This is to support the teaching and learning for the Simple Machines, Physics topic of study for Term 3. Three classes will be attending each day so please review the dates and classes allocated below. Please note that there is also a Social Science trip to Te Herenga Marae on similar days.

On the day of the MOTAT field trip, learners will need to attend their usual AC class at 8:40am. At 8:50 the class will proceed up to the main admin bus bay. The Bus will depart from the college at 9:10am to transport the learners to MOTAT for a 10am start. We will return to school for 3pm. Learners will then be escorted to an available clasroom for a debriefing before release at 3:15pm.

The cost for this trip is covered by the Year 8 Science course related cost. The Board of Trustees requires that course related costs are to be paid prior to any involvement in trips, sports and other activities. This policy will be strictly enforced. Learners are required to be in correct school uniform for this trip and should bring morning tea and lunch.

For this event to be successful we need a lot of parental/caregiver assistance. MOTAT requests that we have a ratio of 1 adult for every 6 learners. This means that we would require an additional 10 parents to support the 3 staff members on the field trip. If we cannot meet this ratio then the trip may not be able to proceed. There is space in the form below to indicate whether you are able to assist. The Science teacher responsible for each trip will make contact with you to confirm your availability.

23rd July - 8AHN, 8GEL, 8PEA - Teacher in charge - Mr Mueggenburg.
25th July - 8WEL, 8SLP, 8GRE - Teacher in charge - Mrs Winstone.
26th July - 8CTN, 8BAY, 8SRI - Teacher in charge - Mr  Bennett.